Dragon Dust

Dragon Dust Chili Powder

Made from the HOTTEST Chili Peppers On The Planet • Reaping The Health Benefits

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Get straight to the smokey hot flavor without the salt and vinegar.


Reaping The Health Benefits Of Capsaicin


I have been making HOT Chili Powder for many years for myself and my friends. I always had a large garden and grew the peppers myself and dehydrated them and mixed the powder in small batches. As the years went by and HOTTER peppers became available I would add them to the recipe. 

I would give it away for Christmas and Birthdays and just for fun. After some time of doing this I noticed that people would ask for more when they ran out. Then some years back I named it Dragon Dust and made small bottles with labels and gave away more to friends. The response was so great that I decided the rest of the world should be able to have it too.

So after developing the recipe and packaging, Dragon Dust is here for you to enjoy. The peppers come from all over the world and are chosen for best quality and for the best growing regions of the world. Dragon Dust contains the hottest peppers grown anywhere to this date and when a new hotter pepper comes out the recipe will be adjusted to use the new peppers. Dragon Dust will always be the HOTTEST I can make it.

Please enjoy!
John Canham

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