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Order the greatest Chili powder on the planet and reap the great health benefits.

Awaken Your Taste Buds

Awaken your taste buds and improve your health with a dusting of our handmade smoking hot chili powder. Get straight to the smokey hot flavor without the salt and vinegar. Transform ordinary meals into extraordinary creations in seconds with Dragon Dust.

Made from a delightful blend of select Carolina Reaper, Habanero and Ghost Peppers, Dragon Dust chili powder gives foods an intense bold and spicy flavor with a high degree of heat estimated close to 1,000,000 on the Scolville scale. The grind of the product sets it apart from others, falling somewhere between a powder and a flake, this proprietary consistency makes it easier to control the heat and ensures maximum flavor distribution when sprinkled on your favorite dishes. Take it on the go to restaurants, picnics, on trips or wherever your path takes you, it's quick and easy to bring the wonderful flavors with you wherever you go.

The entire process of making this atomic hot powder is done by hand. John Canham, the owner of Dragon Dust, is passionate about providing a superior product to his customers and works hard with his dedicated team to do just that.

Make juicy atomic hot wings that will impress your friends, liven up your salsas, make your meat and vegetables dishes stand out in bold new ways with smoky Dragon Dust powder. Sprinkle it on your pizza, pasta dishes, soups and salad dressings and make them come alive and burst with flavor.

If you eat it, Dragon Dust should be on it. Get ready for BOLD, order Dragon Dust today.

Not Hot Enough

Dragon Dust not hot enough for you? Then try Dragon Dust Extreme. The HOTTEST Chili powder on the planet. Made from pure Carolina Reaper peppers. Made for the HOTTEST experience possible.

Reaping The Health Benefits Of Capsaicin

Chili peppers like the kind in Dragon Dust contain high levels of capsaicin and could help protect you from heart disease and much more. Of the many benefits consuming capsaicin has to offer, few have been reviewed as much as its powerful effect against cancer.

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Various Studies

For example, various studies show capsaicin can effectively fight prostate cancer, including a 2006 study at the UCLA School of Medicine, stating it has a “profound antiproliferative effect” on this type of cancer. Researchers found that taking capsaicin orally significantly stopped the spread of prostate cancer cells as well as caused apoptosis (cell death) in more than one type of prostate cancer cell.
Capsaicin has been researched at length in conjunction with its impact on primary effusion lymphoma.
Capsaicin is a commonly known pain-relief agent. The reasons for this are widely unknown, although scientists are uncovering more about the mechanisms it uses to provide relief. It seems that, in large part, capsaicin provides analgesic relief by activating the TRPV1 receptor, which then causes the brain to release a neurotransmitter called “substance P.
Like many features of healthy foods, capsaicin is very useful when aiming to prevent and treat diabetes. Consistently consuming foods high in this nutrient has been proven to improve the blood sugar and insulin reactions in both men and women, and also in women with gestational diabetes.


Reaping The Health Benefits Of Capsaicin

We recommend that you Google the health benefits of capsaicin and see for yourself. You will be amazed.


The Hottest on the Planet

Dragon Dust Chili Powder uses the hottest peppers on the planet for smoking hot powder.

Made From The Hottest Peppers

Bhut Jolokia is the kingpin of the chile pepper world, otherwise known as The Ghost Pepper. A Guinness Book World Record champ on the heat scale. Originating from the northeastern part of India, Assam and Nagaland. It should be no surprise that one of the hottest regions in the world produces one of the hottest peppers as well. Habanero chile peppers are not as hot as the Ghost Pepper but are a popular chile that is commonly used in most hot sauce blends. They originated in the Amazon and have spread up through Mexico. It's got a long cultural history, a domesticated habanero plant was found in Peru that dated back 8500 years. It's floral aroma and flavorful smoky taste make it a perfect choice to blend with a variety of other chilies such as the Carolina Reaper. And last but not least, developed by a breeder in South Carolina, the Reaper is a perfect blend of both the Ghost Pepper and Red Habanero called the Reaper and is the hottest of them all, it too has won the latest Guinness World Record.

Dragon Dust brings all three of these peppers together for you. It contains a blend of the Ghost Pepper, Habanero and Carolina Reapers. You don't have to travel the world to find the most flavorful, hottest peppers on earth. We bring these exceptional chili peppers to you in our easy to use dispensers.

Get ready for BOLD, order yours today.